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So what's a Campuppet™?

It's any one of our distinctive and engaging characters that were created to inspire memorable performances! Campuppets are specially designed to let you easily express yourself via webcam, internet videos or live performances.There's endless opportunities to be a star with Campuppets!Let your Audience See...There's no Business like Show Business!You get your own stage, a complete cast of Campuppet™ characters, backgrounds and props with every craft kit.Click Here to see the Campuppet™ CollectionClick Here to See Campuppet™ PerformancesClick Here to see Where Campuppets GoClick Here to see Campuppet™ TutorialsCampuppet, Campuppeteer and the Campuppet logo are trademarks owned by Campuppet.Here's a few Campuppets from one of our newest collections...The Pirate Crew. Arrgh!At Campuppet™, it's simple, everyonehas something to say, "Express Yourself!"  Here at Campuppet you will find a lively, dynamic community, whose members are dedicated to expressing themselves in creatively unique ways. Let the world know what your thinking - in style! Join us at Campuppet today. Campuppet™ uses a very old idea with a very modern twist. Create memorable custom videos and photos using your computer, cell phone or digital camera with the easy to use Campuppet family. Even your grandmother could do it!To see what it's all about, check outThe Gallery where our members are showcasing their latest video and photo creations. There's something here for everyone, from political satire and social commentary to entertaining children's stories. Though, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference! After spending some time in The Gallery, take a peek over at The Store to see the ever-growing Campuppet™ family. You are bound to find something that sparks the Campuppeter in you! When you are ready the learn more about how Campuppets works, click over on The Support area and browse our growing library of tutorials and support information. Next, step into The Community Forums. Here you will find a wide range of discussions, from information for Campuppet™ newbie's just starting out, to Campuppet™ veterans arguing over the latest Campuppet™ techniques. You will find the Campuppet community to be fun, helpful, informative and creatively challenging. There is lots going on in the Campuppet™ community. Take a look through the forums and discussions, see what people are talking about and when you're ready - "Express Yourself!" At Campuppet, we believe in giving, being responsible and environmentally friendly.Join us!At Campuppet™, it's simple, everyonehas something to say, "Express Yourself!"

Made in the USA with recycled materials