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Puppet To The Rescue

angel breakfast Campuppet cherub devil

This last Sunday my wife and I were sitting at our local diner having a quiet breakfast the place was crowded but not too noisy. As our waitress finished taking our order a mother father and three children fresh from church services sat down in the large booth next to us the two older children slid into the booth first and were flanked by both parents the third child an opinionated 2 year old was being restrained by his mother the toddler soon decided that he wasn't going to be held any longer and proceeded to let the whole diner...

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The Puppet Thief

Campuppet Frankenstien Joe Panera's Puppets Thief

One clear morning in May, my long time business partner and I decided to meet at Panera’s and once again try to figure out who our target audience for Campuppet was and how to market to them. I struggled through the doors, juggling two foam trays filled with our puppets. There was more than a few confused and amused looks from the morning commuters rushing to work. Each tray was over flowing with twenty or more colorful upright puppet characters. I had brought them all to help inspire our morning business discussion. With puppets beside us, my partner and I...

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