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Puppet To The Rescue

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This last Sunday my wife and I were sitting at our local diner having a quiet breakfast the place was crowded but not too noisy.

As our waitress finished taking our order a mother father and three children fresh from church services sat down in the large booth next to us the two older children slid into the booth first and were flanked by both parents the third child an opinionated 2 year old was being restrained by his mother the toddler soon decided that he wasn't going to be held any longer and proceeded to let the whole diner know how he felt about it before the 2 year old could get his second wind and have to be removed by his mother.

I had an idea! I have gotten into the habit of always carrying Campuppets with me, so I quickly handed my wife a cute angel cherub puppet she started making the puppet 'talk' and the mesmerized two year old fell silent although he was very very interested in the cherub we were strangers and he wasn't about to risk coming any closer.

So my wife handed the puppet over to his daddy. Well that did it, once daddy started playing with it, the eager two year old charged over and climbed up onto his father's lap. The toddler promptly took the puppet from daddy and started playing with it giggling quietly to himself. This kept him busy for about five minutes, the 2 year old decided to let his siblings entertain him with the puppet. Dad eventually got the puppet back and kept the little guy busy for a little while longer ultimately the puppet wound up a bit squished and sucked on but that cute angel cherub Campuppet had served it's life purpose.  My wife and I were able to finish our breakfast in peace. As we got up to leave, the much relieved parents thanked us but  I also noticed a few smiles and nods of gratitude from fellow diners as we made our exit.

Campuppets, don't leave home without them.

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